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AEI 2000 DMX

Versatile Embedded System Controller

Reduce your time to market with existing hardware and development kit. Control motors, pumps, LEDs, lights, heaters, and more!

The AEI 2000 DMX is an extremely versatile controller platform for many applications requiring DMX/RDM functionality. The controller is available in 4 stock configurations. Additional variations can be supplied in quantities as few as 10. Starting at $169, quantity 1.

Application Ideas

  • Special Effects Controller
  • Architectural DMX Transmitter
  • Theatrical Stage Motor Driver
  • Color Scroller
  • Specialized LED Fixture Controller
  • Fog Machine

Development Kit

The development kit contains a fully configured AEI 2000 DMX with the Software Development Kit (SDK). The kit contains everything you need to develop your application. It also includes a wiring kit which contains all of the crimps and connectors required for attaching the controller to your system. $50 discount for students. (ID required).

Development Services

Anidea Engineering can also develop the software for your application. Our firsthand experience and software library can allow many applications to be created in just days. Hardware changes are also available. 


The AEI 2000 DMX comes standard mounted to an aluminum mounting plate which can be mounted to your device or frame with 4 screws. Custom plates are also available. Additionally, high quality, low volume digital labels can be created to give your product a proprietary, professional feel.