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"When Motionadz started up we needed a custom computer and software to drive our mobile scrolling advertising system. The requirements were demanding since the system had to run in temperature and humidity extremes, high mechanical stresses and be operated by unskilled operators. Anidea Engineering developed and programmed a system that exceeded the demands, and now over 100 systems have been in operation for more than five years in several countries and are continuing to perform under the most arduous conditions."

  • W. E. Ostergaard, President, Motionadz LLC

"Sometimes the best ideas are the ones people say “it will never work”. When GeekMyTree pitched the idea of developing an easy to use RGB light show system for Christmas trees, several companies couldn’t see our vision, or felt it was just going to be too complex for the average consumer. 

Anidea Engineering was the only company who understood the vision and recognized how it could change the industry. They became directly involved in the development, and continuously offered innovative ideas to help shape the product. Unlike other companies, they worked directly with my glow ball manufacturer to ensure the product was not only correct but also passed FCC testing. 

Any engineering company can build a product; it’s the companies that take an interest in what you are doing, and deliver exceptional customer service that you want to deal with. Anidea Engineering is one of those companies and is worth every penny.  They also offered in-house manufacturing services and delivered the engineering and volume product in record time.

All of our efforts have paid off, as we caught the attention of Shark Tank producers, and were given the opportunity to present to Sharks beating out over 69,000 other businesses. GeekMyTree’s vision has been realized, and Anidea Engineering helped us get there."

"For over ten years we have counted on Anidea for all our software design and electronic manufacturing needs. As a result of this long-standing relationship, we plan to include their services as an integral part of any of our future products."

"I've worked with Gabriel & Anidea Engineering for over 10 years to create or improve various controllers for my access control company. These additions and modifications to my companies product line were instrumental in increasing the value of my company, resulting in its ultimate sale. I am very confident with their services, and I will continue to use Anidea Engineering for future endeavors."

"Everything is difficult when you're a startup business, and working a regular job. You delegate what you can or what you can afford and expect honest effort. It was a pleasure working with Anidea Engineering there thoughtful design, programming, prototype fabrication, testing and documentation for production was outstanding. They provided a friendly comfortably environment where Icould express my needs and receive input and guidance in a maze of solutions, I look forward to our next project together."

  • Allen Diehl, Engineered Hydroponic Systems, LLC.

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