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Escape Room Electronics

Escape room games are evolving and each visit needs to be more exciting than the last to keep customers coming back for more. The escape game industry is exploding and much more popular than it was just a few years ago.

Anidea has been the expert in entertainment industry electronics for many years and we have all the resources and the ability to design and install what our clients need, from building props to designing full turnkey escape game puzzles. Anidea has a great advantage with our expertise in electronic design capabilities.

Prop Controller Kit Arduino Prop Controller Reed Switch Replacment


Our capabilities in escape game design:

Room Programming:

Utilize sophisticated industrial PLC (programmable logic controller) devices to create fully automated, non-linear, gaming experiences.

Prop Programming:

We use one of our Arduino Compatible FX Controllers, generic Arduino, or other off the off the shelf development plaforms to control your game or prop.  We are hardware experts too!  Check out our Prop Control Kit.

Electronic Puzzle Designs:

We can turn any puzzle into an electrical format such as RFID, laser, sensor, etc. We can pretty much accomplish it with any system to replicate as puzzles are solved autonomously.

Puzzle Construction:

Build and design puzzles from raw materials like wood or metal or plastic.


RFID Detector:

Create a system that detects the presence of tagged objects using the RFID. We can create a large network of sensors throughout the entire game, not just in isolated areas.  We've created systems with over 30 detectors.

Sequence/State Detector

The puzzles revolve around the players solving puzzles by performing certain tasks in a sequence or all at once.



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