Software Engineering and Development Services

Product Development

Anidea Engineering, Inc. is a full service, turn-key product development company located in Wellington, Florida.  We are a group of multi-disciplined product design engineers proficient in computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Our diverse skills and extensive experience offer engineering outsourcing services for commercial and industrial businesses.  We also assist creative individuals requiring a patent prototype or product manufacturing.    

Anidea Engineering provides services for all phases of new product development inlcuding concept models, functional prototypes and final products.  Additionally, we have relationships with local contract manufacturers to assemble products. Subsequently, we will manage the production and engineering process, creating a seamless transition.

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Our Product Development Expertise Includes:


  • Consultation

    Our initial project discussions and cost estimates are provided under the strictest non-disclosure agreements and include careful estimations of production and design schedules.

  • Project Research and Organization

    Anidea Engineering's collaborative work is custom designed to ensure that project specifications and requirements are met. Our new product research includes an initial design phase to develop the most cost effective approach to realizing the project goals.

  • Design and Development

    We have extensive knowledge creating real-world solutions, with fully operable inner-workings and technologies. We address critical concerns including product modification to minimize manufacturing costs. In addition, we develop fail-safe approaches within the product design and ensure marketable application development.

  • Project Management 

    We provide high-quality project management services to coordinate multi-disciplinary engineering efforts. This will help ensure timely delivery of the final product throughout the manufacturing, packaging and shipping process. Our experienced production team oversees all subcontractors and oversight services across the United States and with our international manufacturing partners.

  • Prototype and Validation

    We conduct extensive product testing and validating against a full range of project goals, including target manufacturing costs, marketing objectives, product operability and functionality.

  • Delivery and Enhancements

    After the completion of the project, enhancements may include full, ongoing management services for product manufacturing, modifications, improvements, development of spin off technologies and approaches that involve derivative uses of the product.